12V 100W PTC Induction Heater (Incubator)

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1. Automatic constant temperature, PTC chips temperature is 230 degrees Celsius.
2. Heat radiation through air flow, conductive type air heater.
3.Nominal power is 100W and nominal voltage is 2200V.
4. Main used in electric heater, tumble dryer, air conditioner, De-humidifier in Incubators etc.

Heat material: PTC
Color: black
Nominal power: 100W
Nominal voltage: 12V
Size (approx.): 95 X 31 X 25mm
PTC chips temperature: 230 degrees Celsius


1. Maintain a constant temperature
2. Prefer low price and more durable and will not damage when there is no water
3. Safe
4. Automatic temperature control
5. Suitable for the surface temperature below 200 degrees Celsius

Package Included:
1PC * PTC Air Heater 

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