4-lead 12-24V NEMA 42 Stepping motor

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4-lead 12-24V NEMA 42 Stepping motor in 3D Printer/CNC Parts




1. Drive mode: constant current chopper drive:
2. Excitation mode: 1-2 phase excitation (two-phase eight-beat operation). It can rotate forward and backward;
3. Steering: energize in the order of A -B -C -D -A, see C.W from the shaft extension end;
4. Rated current (single phase): DC 1.3A;
5. Rated voltage: DC 12V-24V
6. Step angle: 1.8°;
7. Insulation class: Class B;
8. Working conditions: Ambient temperature: -24?50?; relative humidity: 90%MAX; installation position: shaft horizontal or vertical installation;
9. Test conditions (the above parameters are measured under normal test atmospheric conditions);
10. Winding DC resistance (20?): 2.2?±15%;
11.Holding torque (the two are energized at the same time): ?26mN.m (I=1.5A);
12. Maximum no-load starting frequency: ?2600pps;
13. Maximum no-load operating frequency: ?3600pps;
14. Temperature rise (when the two are the same, the rated voltage is 12V-24V): ?80 K;
15. Step angle accuracy: 1.8°±0.09°;
16. Weight: 0.27Kg REF;
17. Axial clearance: ?0.08mm;
18. Radial clearance: ?0.02mm;
19. Runout of radial diagram of shaft extension: ?0.025mm;
20. Verticality of installation mating surface: ?0.03mm;
21. Concentricity of installation mating surface: ?0.05mm;
22.Insulation resistance: The cold insulation resistance between the motor stator core and the terminal should be greater than 100M? (measured with a DC500V megger).
23. Dielectric strength: The motor stator core and the terminal should be able to withstand AC600V/lS without breakdown, and the leakage current is less than 1mA.

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