40A 2-6S ESC with 3.5mm Banana connector

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40A 2-6S ESC with 3.5mm Banana connector in Drones Parts



1. Specifically optimized firmware ESC, the ESC has a very good compatibility;
2. Highly intelligent, adaptive ability, extremely easy to use;
3. Throttle signal line is a twisted pair, copper wire to reduce crosstalk signal generated
4.  Supports up to 621Hz refresh rates up to the throttle signal, compatible with a variety of flight control (Note: More than 500Hz signal of the throttle throttle are all non-standard signal)
5. Use MOSFET special driver chip, performance and stability far beyond the driving circuit with discrete components built


ESC Specification:
Cont. Current: 40A
Max. Current: 50A
Weight: 28.5g(with banana connector); 30g(without banana connector)

Programming methods:

After power on, make the throttle the largest, and in turn, it hears 2 drops, 3 drops, and 4 drops. When you hear 2 drops, the minimum throttle is to learn the throttle stroke. When you hear 3 drops, the throttle is played with the minimum on/off synchronous rectification. When you hear the 4 drops, the throttle is used to make the minimum on/off brake. 
1.Programming is also limited to 2-6s.
2.This ESC is not able to flash the firmware.


Package includes :
1pcs* 40A ESC  

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