CCS811 Carbon Dioxide CO2 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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CCS811 Carbon Dioxide CO2 Temperature & Humidity Sensor in Sensors



CCS811 is a simple to use sensor that allows you to measure the level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air. The measured data is used to estimate level of carbon dioxide (eCO2) equivalent. The AMS CCS811 sensor used in this module can detect many different volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is designed to monitor indoor air quality. Via I2C the sensor returns the total volatile organic compound (TVOC) reading and the calculated equivalent level (equivalent) of carbon dioxide (eCO2).
Sensor manufacture: AMS
Sensor model: CCS811
Module model: CJMCU-811
Supply voltage: 1.8V – 3.6V
Current consumption during measurement: 26 mA (max. 30 mA in mode 1)
Current consumption during sleep: 19 uA (@1.8V)
Work temperature: -5 do 50 C
5 modes
Interface: I2C (10 – 400 kHz)
Size: 20.1 x 14.7 x 2.7 mm
VCC – Supply voltage (3.3V recommended)
GND – Ground
SCL – I2C Clock
SDA – I2C Data
WAK – Wake (active low) – output
INT – Interrupt (active low) – output
RST – Reset (active low)
ADD – Address (0x5A / 0x5B)



Package Includes
1pc x  F08406 MG811 CO2 Carbon Dioxide Sensor

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