D-8160MG 60kg High Torque Waterproof Servo

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Product Description

1.Apply Environmental Condition

1.1 Storage Temperature Range: -30°C?80°C
1.2 Operating Temperature Range -25°C?70°C

2. Standard Test Environment 

2.1 Temperature Range -25°C?70°C

2.2 Humidity Range 65%±10%

3. Mechanical Specification

3.1 Size: 40.0*20.0*37.5mm

3.2 Weight 158g±5%

3.3 Gear type “6 Metal”

3.4 Limit angle 360°

3.5   Bearing 2BB

3.6 Horn gear spline 18T diameter:8.1mm

3.7 Horn type Plastic, POM

3.8 Case “Engineering plastics(PBT)+Aluminum alloy”

3.9 Connector wire 320mm±5mm

3.10 Motor Carbon brush motor

3.11 Splash water resistance

4.Electrical Specification

No. Operat voltage 6V 8.4V

4.1 Idle current 5mA 5mA

4.2 No load speed 0.17sec/60° 0.13sec/60°

4.3 Runnig current 400mA 510mA

4.4 Peak stall torque 58.5kg.cm 70kg.cm

4.5 Stall current 8.5A±10% 10.4A±10%

4.6 Working voltage range

” 4.8-8.4V

5.Control Specification

5.1 Command signal Pulse width modification

5.2 Amplifier type Digital controller

5.3 Pulse width range 500?2500usec

5.4 Neutral position 1500usec

5.5 Running degree 180°±3°(when 500?2500usec)

5.6 Dead band width 5usec

5.7 Rotating direction Counterclockwise (when 1000?2000usec)

6.The Drawings: The Wire and plug:

Note : 
1.The best use voltage is 7.4v.
2. It is recommended to use 2s battery for power supply (6v-8.4v)
Package Includes
1 pc x D-8160MG 60kg High Torque Waterproof Servo 

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