ESD-11 Anti-Static Stainless Tweezers

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ESD-11 Anti-Static Stainless Tweezers in Instruments & Tools



These Anti Static coated Tweezers are also Anti Acid, and Non Magnetic. They are wonderful tweezers when it comes to the soldering and handling IC chips with the utmost care. They really come in handy and are put to great use when it comes to installing and replacing small electronic components.

Features of Stainless Steel ESD Tweezers

1.High quality,good hardness,do not easy to deformation,can use for long time.
2. Tweezers are very light & easy to handle help reduce hand pressure
3.Good appearance of smooth lines ,fine workmanship.
4.able to adapy to very precise electronic product operation
5. Widely use, can be used for beauty work,electronic repairing, precise instruments,stamp.
6. Highly accurate, no slip through, & anti-magnetic.

ESD Series Precision Tweezers: stainless steel, anti-magnetic, anti-acid, 
Anti-corrosion, anti-static, easy to work in the operating containing magnetic elements containing rust, safety;  
Materials: (302)  
Magnetic 🙁 no)  
Hardness: (HRC40-50 °)         

ESD-11 (fine tip type): This tweezers is longer than the standard length for precision electronic components operation. 

Package Includes

1pc x ESD-11 Anti-Static Stainless Tweezers 









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