Tank Robot Smart Car Chassis

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Unlike most of the Smart Tanks which rely on friction to drive the track, this newly designed Smart Tank has track gears directly connected to the power system to avoid track slipping issue.
Together with the well designed size and location of the bearings, this new smart tank is ensured to have seamless motion.


• L9110 Connected and Included
• Operating Voltage: 3V – 12V
• Opto Coupler Speed Sensor is Included
• Chassis Kit, Belts, Motors Are Included
• Arduino Compatible
• Motor Operating Voltage: 3V – 8V 
• Motor Maximum Torque: 1.5kg.cm at 7.2V
• Motor Speed Without Load: 250rpm/m at 7.2V
• Motor Load current: 250mA at 7.2V

Pin Description:
• GND: Ground Connection of LM393 and Speed Sensor
• VCC: Power Connection of LM393 and Speed Sensor
• IA: Motor Driver L9110 Reverse Input
• IB: Motor Driver L9110 Forward Input
• SPEED: Output of Speed Sensor
• M.P-: -ve Power Supply of L9110 and Motor
• M.P+: +ve Power Supply of L9110 and Motor

• Common Ground is needed for the Controller Board and the Tank.


Adobe Acrobat Document  L9110 Datasheet
ZIP Archive  Smart Tank Arduino Test Code
Adobe Acrobat Document  LM393 Datasheet

Package Included:

1 x Tank robot smart car chassis


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